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Core Classes

Orange Grove Middle school provides a rigorous core curriculum in the areas of:

  • Math
  • English/Language Arts
  • Science
  • History/Social Studies
  • Physical Education

GATE/Honors Pathways

OGMS is the #1 destination for GATE and Honors students in Hacienda La Puente Unified School and beyond.  We offer three full GATE and Honors pathways and we continue to develop our robust GATE and Honors program that features:

  • Full Core Honors Pathways
  • Accelerated Math
  • High School Level Math 1
  • Specialized Field trips
  • Guest Speakers
  • GATE/Honors Parent Advisory
  • Highly experienced teachers  

Ocelots on The Rise

Students have improved every year on the SBAC!  The percentages below represent the number of students "Meeting or Exceeding Standards" every year in ELA and Math!  Year-Year Growth depicts the growth over time for that Cohort or group.