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student life
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Student Life


Digital Media Arts (DMA)

In the most advanced and up to date lab in the school district, our students will learn how to handle and manipulate digital images, sound and video footage, while learning how to use their own or similar equipment to what they may possess at home (PC and Mac).


Elective Wheel

Students move through various electives over the course of a year. Students work with different teachers on on topics such as music, digital media, art, Spanish Culture and health.


Advanced Band

Members of the Advanced Band performs music at a higher level of difficulty. Students rehearse in preparation for concerts at school and district events and at Knott's Berry Farm and Disneyland. All wind and percussion students who have completed beginning band or have two years' experience on their instrument are welcome to sign up. 


Beginning Band

Beginning Band teaches students how to perform on wind and percussion instruments, such as the trumpet, French horn, trombone, baritone, tuba, clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone and drums. Students will learn many styles and develop basic musicianship through daily practice and study. Students will participate in concerts at the Hacienda Heights Community Center and Knott's Berry Farm. Beginning Band is open to incoming 6th graders and 7th graders. 


Law Enforcement Academy (LEA)

The Orange Grove Law Enforcement Academy (LEA) is the only school-based Police Explorer program in the nation. Students in grades 6, 7 & 8 who qualify for the Law Enforcement Academy will study Administrative Justice and the public safety system in preparation for college and a professional career in law enforcement and/or the military. Prospective LEA students must have a G.P.A. of 2.0, run a 10 minute mile in P.E. class and turn in an application with teacher recommendations and parent permission for acceptance in the program. 


Teacher's/Office Aides

Students who are teacher's aides are responsible for helping teachers and administration with certain tasks. Students must have satisfactory citizenship and 3.0 or higher to be selected for this class.



The Associated Student Body (ASB) Leadership Class is designed to provide opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills and promote the interests, cultural and social, of students on our campus.  It also exists to develop leadership and responsibility, and to promote spirit and student morale.  Students are responsible for making decisions for the whole campus, organizing rallies, and planning fun student events such as dances.



Be a part of capturing the OG experience. This class will be writing about what's happening at OG, taking photos, doing interesting pieces and creating entertainment for the OG community. Using social media and print, we will be the historians of OGMS. 



STEAM LAB incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math with problem solving, critical thinking and team work. Topics covered include aerodynamics, robotics, forensics, structures, electricity and simple machines. Students can take elective two years in a row as projects and topics change.



Extracurricular Activities

Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad is a group of motivated students that love math and science. Students practice to compete in the Regional Science Olympiad in 23 events and tests all having to do with science related topics.


Ocelots United

Ocelots United is a club for all OG students who want to make a positive impact on our school campus. We focus on learning how kindness and acceptance of others can help create a sense of belonging at school. Some school-wide activities that Ocelots United have are Random Acts of Kindness, Thanksgiving Grams fundraiser, Anti-bullying Awareness, Valentine Rally, Autism Awareness and Teacher Appreciation. 



Choir is a group of musical students that meet after school to learn song to perform on and off campus.



ASES is an after school program for students to work on homework and have fun playing games and sports. 



Fall Sports

Cross Country 




Winter Sport



Spring Sports




Field Trips

8th Grade: Washington D.C. Trip

7th Grade: Catalina Island Marine Institute

6th Grade: Varies on year (previous trips include the Living Desert and Aquarium on Wheels)

talent show
talent show
field day
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