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What Ocelots Are Saying

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WE are Ocelots!

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 "I would have to say it’s a been a great experience for all of us. Even when I first called for a visit, when my child was in the 5th grade, OG was very inviting and they encouraged a visit. Arianna has loved the climate from the academics, recognition awards, sports, and the fun activities such as the powder puff games. She’s been challenged academically.  We’re grateful for the staff that has had a great experience for the almost 3 years of being an Ocelot!!  

-Mr. Carlos, Inter-district Transfer Parent 

“I love Orange Grove!! I can always count on the teachers and staff to help and understand me.  They helped me understand that you always need to try your best and they will always be there to support me.”

Melanie L., Ocelot Student 

“Orange Grove is the best because of the atmosphere, all the teachers, and the staff have created.  There is no doubt that my teachers want me to succeed. Orange Grove is a GREAT school and I am grateful to be part of it.  Transferring here was a great decision.  I learned how to be part of a team, I wouldn’t want to be part of any other middle school.”

Arianna C., Ocelot Student

"We felt at home with this environment and made the decision right there and then to register our son to attend and become part of the Orange Grove Family. We are highly confident and look forward to a great school- parent partnership and feel we made the best decision for our son". 

Mr. and Mrs. Carballo, Intra-District Transfer Parents 

“I love being an Ocelot because everyone is accepted.  Everyone has differences and that’s okay.  Orange Grove has taught me many things, from academics to how to deal with non-related school situations.  At Orange Grove it’s okay to be different, that’s what makes you, you.”

Naomi R., Ocelot Student

“Being an Ocelot makes me smile. I look forward to coming to school.  I learn new subjects and good habits like being here on time, trying my best, being here every day, completing my work, and being ready to learn. Orange Grove means a lot to me because I mean a lot to Orange Grove!”

Javier B., Ocelot Student   

"I am glad we found a school where I know my kids are safe, taught to be leaders, and are prepared for their high school career. Orange Grove has a great steam program that all my three kids had the opportunity to partake in. Above all the great qualities here at Orange Grove, the teachers care to help students achieve their goals and encourage them to work hard whether that will be in the classroom or in sports.” 

Ms. Vides, Inter-District Transfer Parent