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Why Choose Orange Grove Middle School

We are a destination School

We choose to be an Ocelot!

The 2020-2021 School Year has seen over 115 new students, intra-district transfers, and inter-district transfers, to Orange Grove Middle School.  We are a destination school and we welcome everyone who chooses to be an Ocelot!


Be Part of the Tradition of Success…




Enrollment Options 

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Intra-District TRansfer

An Intra-district transfer are for those who have established residency within the  HLPUSD and may select a district school that their child will attend regardless of the home school location.

Inter-District Transfer 

Inter-district transfers are for students who reside outside of the HLPUSD and want to enroll into schools within HLPUSD. There are specific criteria that must be met and the permit must be approved by both school districts.

ALLen Bill

The Allen Bill provides that District residency status be granted to a student if at least one of his/her parents/guardians is physically employed within the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District boundaries. 

District of Choice

The District of Choice Program is for Families who do not live within the HLPUSD boundaries and are interested in having their children attend a HLPUSD school. This DCP allows families to bypass the requirement of being released from their district of residence or reapply on an annual basis.  Their home district must be a participant.  Please visit

for a list of school districts.  

Orange Grove Office 

Any questions, please call our Office:

Mrs. Laurie King, School Office Manager 

626 933-7001